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  Moriwaki MD250H Countershaft Sprockets
  We have the Countershaft sprockets you have been asking for and
   we had some made in the UK by Talon.

  (Rear sprockets for this machine are the same used on the Honda RS125)
MORIFRT15T 15T Moriwaki MD250H- Talon TG624415154 $51.75
MORIFRT16T 16T Moriwaki MD250H- Talon TG62441516 $51.75
MORIFRT17T 17T Moriwaki MD250H- Talon TG62441517 $51.75
23804-10512-00 SPROCKET, DRIVE, 17T - OEM Moriwaki MD250H $84.38
MORIFRT18T 18T Moriwaki MD250H- Talon TG62441518 $51.75
23805-10512-00 SPROCKET, DRIVE, 18T - OEM Moriwaki MD250H $84.38