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Shorai exclusive Xtreme-Rate LiFeP04 LFX cell technology
Holds a charge for 1 year without maintenance (out of the vehicle)
Ultra light! 1/5 the weight of lead-acid batteries on average
2-4 times the service life of lead-acid batteries
Drop in replacement for you OEM battery
Military Spec Carbon Fiber Compositte Case
Faster cranking for better starts
Super-Fast recharge rate
Safe - No explosive gases during charge, no lead, no acid
Environmentally friendly, just discharge and dispose
Industry leading 3 year warranty

Specifications and Dimensions

View Printable Install Guide (Adobe PDF)

View LFX Battery Manual (All Except Case Type #3) (Adobe PDF)

View LFX Battery Manual (Case #3 Only) (Adobe PDF)

View Shorai Charger Manual (Adobe PDF)

Application Charts