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The Battle Shifter by Battle Factory is a lightweight, compact semi-automatic up shifting system that provides quick, smooth shifts every time. Unlike other popular shifters, the Battle Shifter automatically adjusts the duration of the ignition cut to match RPM's - longer cuts at low RPM's and shorter ones at High RPM's. Unlike other shifters, the Battle Shifter is not simply a switch that cuts power completely. It works by reducing current to the ignition coil to stop spark. This ensures that juice still flows to your gauges eliminating temporary flashes and reducing overall system shock. The Battle Shifter automatically  stops functioning under 3,000 RPM's to prevent engine stall during slow speeds and idle.

The Battle Shifter is easy to install. It comes setup from the factory for a wide selection of bikes both 2 and 4 cycle including: NSR and TZM 50's, RS & TZ125 & 250's, NSR & TZR 250's, CBR, VFR, FZR, ZXR, FZ, GSX, XJR & Zepher 400's, RC 45's, TDM 850's, Ducati 916 & 996's, CBR 900's, YZF-R1's, CB, VTR & TL 1000's, GSX, CBR & ZRX 1100's and others. The Battle Shifter comes with an Easy to follow manual and a small screwdriver for fine-tune adjustments.

Note: For the TZ250, it is necessary to use a stock TZ125 shift pedal (included) in order to allow for the length of the shifter rod. The RS250 also comes with the necessary Battle shift pedal.

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RS125  Installation