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Are you tired of guessing how much duct tape to put on the radiator every time you leave the pits?


Thermostat system for your two stroke machine. This system maintains two coolant loops. A constant flow around your engine to avoid hot spots and not cavitate your water pump and as temperature raises the systems blends into the radiator loop to maintain a constant temperature. This will greatly simplify your jetting as well as bring the motor up to temp much quicker. When full open you system stays as cool as the radiator's capacity.
A must have for those cooler spring and fall races.
CLICK HERE for a temperature management tech article by Bob Chiras Distributing,

Installation Examples - some pictures where using our first thermostat system and some are the new Guhl unit.

RS125 Installation
We were able to maintain 52o C on this RS125 installation

RS250 Installation Works great and runs about 59o-62o C

TZ250 Installation

We were able to maintain 54o-58o C on this TZ250 installation

Kart Installation