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Frame stand all stainless steel SUS304
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- Height adjustment attachment of 4 stages (785 - 860mm)
- It is very convenient for service around the front of the machine.
- Has the step stand as for the method which the stand base as the step stand because of the same part
If you have a step stand
the base is the same so you can turn it into this frame stand by purchasing BA00-004-02 and BA00-004-03
Product code Trade name Price  
BA00-004 SUS304 frame stand    

Frame stand component

Product code Trade name Use quantity Price  
BA00-004-01 SUS304 stand base 2  

BA00-004-02 SUS304 frame stand adjustment pole 2  
BA-00BF-02 Adjustment pin 2  
BA00-004-03 SUS304 frame standpipe
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SUS304 frame stand
SUS304 frame stand
: $192.47

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