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1 41202-NX7-000 SPROCKET, FINAL DRIVEN 32T (1) Buy Now!
  41203-NX7-000 SPROCKET, FINAL DRIVEN 33T (1) Buy Now!
  41204-NX7-000 SPROCKET, FINAL DRIVEN 34T (1) Buy Now! 
  41205-NX7-000 SPROCKET, FINAL DRIVEN 35T 1 Buy Now! 
  41206-NX7-000 SPROCKET, FINAL DRIVEN 36T (1) Buy Now! 
  41207-NX7-000 SPROCKET, FINAL DRIVEN 37T (1) Buy Now! 
  41208-NX7-000 SPROCKET, FINAL DRIVEN 38T (1) Buy Now! 
  41209-NX7-000 SPROCKET, FINAL DRIVEN 39T (1) Buy Now! 
  41210-NX7-000 SPROCKET, FINAL DRIVEN 40T (1) Buy Now! 
2 41241-NX7-000 DAMPER, REAR WHEEL/SPROCKET 3 Buy Now! 
3 42301-NX4-000 AXLE, REAR WHEEL 1 Buy Now! 
4 42304-NX7-000 COLLAR, REAR WHEEL SIDE 1 Buy Now! 
5 42601-NX4-811 WHEEL, REAR (3.50x17) 1 Buy Now! 
6 42611-NX7-000 FLANGE, FINAL DRIVEN 1 Buy Now! 
7 42620-NX4-000 COLLAR, REAR WHEEL DISTANCE 1 Buy Now! 
9 42721-NX4-860 WEIGHT, BALANCE 1.25g (NO SALE BY HRC) N  
  42722-NX4-860 WEIGHT, BALANCE 2.5g (NO SALE BY HRC) N  
  42723-NX4-860 WEIGHT, BALANCE 5g (NO SALE BY HRC) N  
10 42753-ML7-003 VALVE, RIM (BS) 1 Buy Now! 
11 43122-NF5-760 BRAKE, DISK REAR WHEEL 1 Buy Now! 
12 90102-NX7-000 BOLT, SOCKET (10x16) 3 Buy Now! 
13 90105-KR3-000 BOLT, FRONT DISK (8x24) 3 Buy Now! 
14 90305-GE8-003 U-NUT (14mm) 1 Buy Now! 
15 90411-NX4-000 WASHER (14x32x1) 1 Buy Now! 
16 90456-NX4-000 WASHER (18x32x1) 1 Buy Now! 
17 90652-NF4-000 CIRCLIP, INTERNAL (35mm) 1 Buy Now! 
18 91051-NX7-003 BEARING, RADIAL BALL 620UU 2 Buy Now! 
19 91052-NF4-000 BEARING, RADIAL BALL 6904UU 1 Buy Now! 
20 91357-964-006 O-RING 31 1 Buy Now! 
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Mini brake reservoir - Honda
Mini brake reservoir - Honda
Mini brake reservoir is a great upgrade to your standard Honda RS125/250 or NSF250R. It also works on the Moriwaki MD250H.

Replaces that plastic tube and cap (43503-NX4-000 or 43503-NX4-020) with a much tighter and more professional looking reservoir.

Remove old unit, re-use o-ring and screw from old unit, and this just mounts right up with no other modifications.

This was designed originally by John Hjelm back in the day, and he gave me the plans to start building them again. Thanks John!!
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: $69.63
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Galfer rear wave rotor
Galfer rear wave rotor
Galfer rear wave rotor more info

: $95.00
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Moto3 Bridgestone slicks
Moto3 Bridgestone slicks
If you're a racer or track day rider looking to take the next step in cutting down your lap times, look no further! The all new V02 slicks with MotoGP carcass innovation (advanced belt construction technology) are here and ready to take to the track. The newly constructed GP-BELT equalized ground contact pressure and enlarges the ground contact surface area, which provides for a better overall grip. When developing the V02, Bridgestone strived to improve grip performance when cornering and obtain a better grasp at controlling tire wear, which they achieved both during the process. By controlling tire wear, a softer compound can be used for GP-BELT. This improves gripping performance for all temperature ranges.

Fit all Honda RS125 from 1994-on, all years of NSF250R, all TZ125, and all Moriwaki MD250H

Limited quantities available. Sold only as a set (front and rear).
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: $340.00
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OZ Racing rims (Moto3)
OZ Racing rims (Moto3)
Great new rims from OZ. These will fit the new Honda NSF250R as well as the Honda RS125 ('95 on) and the Moriwaki MD250H. It uses the same hub type as the standard setup, so you don't have to buy any special adapters.

These are forged aluminum rims, so they are a little lighter than stock, but significantly stronger and much easier to keep clean.

Move those stock rims into 'rain tire duty' and upgrade to the new OZ racing rims!
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: $2,099.00
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