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Professional Rebuild Service for Honda RS125 Crankshafts

All work will be performed by world famous tuner and engine builder, Roland Cushway. Roland has over 47 years of experience tuning and building 2-stroke race engines. He has built engines for some of the best racers in the U.S., garnering 5 National Championships (4 AMA, 1 WERA, and countless AFM championships). When they say that to finish first, you must first finish. Roland builds solid engines that finish, and win races!

We have a small supply of crankshafts that Roland has inspected and rebuilt to his exacting standards. Runout will be less than .0010" on both sides of the crank. Most will be in the .0004-.0007" range. You will be provided a printout with your new cranks rebuild specifications. Finely tuned crankshafts will allow for a faster spinning engine that is much gentler on internal components. Your engines will be faster and last longer!

The standard Honda HRC crankshafts (13300-NX4-711 or 13300-NX4-780) are inspected before and after rebuild service. We only use VHM connecting rod kits (CRK07), which we supply as part of the purchase price.

Core Deposit:
You must provide a good rebuildable crankshaft as a core so that we can keep providing ready to ship crankshafts for all of our customers. Cores must be received no later than 30 days post purchase to receive core refund ($150). Detailed shipping instructions will be provided once the service is purchased.
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RS125 Crankshaft Rebuild Service
RS125 Crankshaft Rebuild Service
: $891.71

Rebuild your Std Honda RS125 crankshaft by a true professional 2-stroke engine builder, Roland Cushway.

We have rebuilt cranks on the shelf that Roland has inspected and then rebuilt using VHM connecting rod kits. These are the best kits on the market, and installed by one of the best engine builders in the world. By having them pre-built, you don't have to wait weeks for shipping, rebuild, re-shipping and then install. We have these on the shelf and ready to ship.

Core deposit of $150 will be refunded if your good rebuild-able crank is received within 30 days of purchase. So the real total cost of this rebuild is $741.71. Removing the cost of the VHM kit, you're down to under $300 to get a truly professional crank rebuild using top-of-the-line parts.
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